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Hey everyone! So today is day 27 of my first season. I can't believe how quickly this time is flying. Looking back on the past 27 days i'm realizing that i've spent more time not doing the challenge then doing it. There was definately a big time frame where I completely fell off of the wagon. So i'm making the dections and from here on out i'm going to have to stick with this a see this thing through. I think it's going to be a challenge in itself to complete the challenge, becuase I am notorious for not finishing things I start. Im determined to get it done though.

I think one thing that will help me is that even though I havent been doing my video or writing blogs, I have still been on the website reading people posts, and viewing different videos and blogs. I am truly grateful to Sandy, Laura and Lilou for making this website; it really is a God send and a channel for so much positive energy!

hugs, kisses, and much love


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Comment by Sunny Side Up on October 30, 2011 at 11:28am
Don't be so hard on yourself! It sounds like you are learning everyday! That is what is most important. This is a process, and we all come at it from different places and go at different paces and that is ok. We are all unique and special and worthy, including YOU! I have my good weeks and my bad weeks, but like you, I am still on the website everyday doing something, even it it is just reading some blogs and posting what I appreciate. That is more than I did before finding CCOR so I think it's ok. And you're doing ok too. Day 27 is still early, you have plenty of time to grow and accomplish great things. Good luck. Sending love and light from me to you!


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