The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello wonderful friends,


I decided that I would write a blog today :) Its my day 3 of season 1, and wow today, I feel more energised, happier and filled with more energy than I did yesterday! I already feel as though I've completed my tasks for today and my intentions have all happened! YESSSSS!


I want to start by saying THANK YOU! 

Thank you for the existence of CCOR for letting me express my gratitude on this very page.

Thank you for the world for being be best friend

Thank you for making my intentions feel like REALITY

Thank you for such amazing, wonderful and like minded people on this community

Thank you for all the work I will complete today with a feeling of fullness and knowing that I've made the day worth its time!

Thank you for the bringing peace in my life

Thank you for letting me enjoy my own company these last couple of days, ive realised  that I enjoy my own company more than ever before.

Thank you for for the breakfast I had about an hour ago

Thank you for the LOA and how I manifested the feelings of happiness during my meditation.

Thank you for the replies that I've received on my 'Education' question.

Thank you for the tea I am just about to make

Thank you for the love of my parents, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Thank yo ufor my wonderful friends that give me the support I need.

Thank you Damy for your understanding, love ad affection. 

Thank you, yes you, the wonderful person thats reading this! NOW SMILE HARDER... EVEN MORE.. YESS YOU GOT THAT! WOOOOH

Thank you for Giving! I love you all so very much. I love me, I love you, I love the world! 


Lets Smile and Make it Happend!


My intentions for today are :


To attract a connection with my boyfriend to a level which brings us genuine happiness, joy and abundance.

To attract some beautiful flowers for my room :)

To attract a good section of my public law 2 assignment - 

To finish a good part of my dissertation and feel at peace with it knowing that Iive already achieved a 1st class! wooooop

To get a revision pattern going for my exams in May!

To call a few friends and let them know that they mean the world to me.

To watch a video of Abraham Hicks - "The Secret behind the Secret"

To keep you all filled in - amazing co creators.

To meditate at least once more during the day!

Lets goooooooo! :):):)


Live, Love, Life


Nupur x 

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Comment by Jennifer on January 3, 2011 at 1:24pm
Thank YOU for making me smile!

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