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Aloha and Good Afternoon (12:50pm, Hawaiian Time).

'Could'a, should'a, would'a (could've, should've, would've)...words that I will banish from my speech unless absolutely necessary. Why? Because those words represent regrets for things that I COULD'VE, SHOULD'VE, WOULD'VE done to make things better in my life, be a good friend for others, accomplish my life's goals...or many other things that I have regret for. "I could've nailed that job...if I had only been diligent!" "I should've spent more time with my Uncle while he was alive, tell him how much I loved him and adored him..." "I would've been an honors student, if I had only paid more attention in class and not been absent so much!"

It is not that I am in denial about the things that I could'a should'a would'a done. Who knows better than I the things that I regret doing/not doing? However, IT IS DONE...and so I have choices as to what I want to do from now forward. Do I live in the regret, AKA living in the past and reflect over what could have been Glory Days for me? Or do I take the lesson and learn from it, so if another opportunity comes up I will take full advantage of it and even, just maybe, succeed this time around? God willing, I will choose the second option. Or at least I hope so.

Have a groovy day, my co-creator friends. Stay your desire to manifest the things that you want as well as having the kindness and generosity in helping others along their way. Aloha <3 <3 <3

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