The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 1 Day 36: Manifesting Jobs & money

Talk about a whirlwind. Okay first I can't recall which is upstream or downstream so I'll let you tell me. But whatever I'm on is GREAT! It's this happiness that fills you up to the point you feel you might burst with rays of sunshine. There's a warmth that surrounds me too, so much I can't sleep without the fan on. Some might call that aging but I know it is something more. I feel I'm totally being watched and that's fine as I know it is the universe and all her glory just waiting for me to wish.

I recently said I want more jobs and better pay. In my inbox this morning I found one job offer and a pay increase, when I responded I was offered another job too. It didn't stop there though, someone I'd already been in contact with over exchanging links also read my blogs and asked my rate. WOW. I took a shot in the dark and decided to do something I'd never done and say what I'm worth. She didn't run away, instead is calling me later today or tomorrow. WOW! It feels great to have these opportunities but also to know someone is willing to give me the price I ask without flinching.

I've been avoiding all negativity, except my own stress over college assignments. My goal was to get them turned in, I stressed I did them wrong. Got a 99/100 course I still have no clue what I did. I'm ahead on the homework for the most part. I think I need a kindle though, any suggestions at reading a 400 page ebook?

The kids are doing great, in fact seem happier then they have been in a long time. My 8 year old got a part she wanted in a school play, my soon to be 12 year old is preparing his new class schedule. Moving to middle school, my heart breaks for that. My baby is growing up, plus my 5 year old will be entering school this upcoming school year. :( But it is good too as it'll be the baby and me and I think more things are going to take off.

The hubby and I, we are actually doing great. I created a "Vision Bucket." I know ya'll are saying you mean box. No, I believe that in order to get the vibrations out you don't want to lock it up. So I have a special bucket for all my cut outs and keep it near me. Once a week I look through it, cutting out things as I look in magazines and going over whats in the bucket. I have stuff like: New jobs, more money, roses, love, you're beautiful, etc. The hubby's been doing the things in the bucket. WOW!

I'm greatful for all the things that I've been manifesting, the love I'm feeling, the college grades and my family. I know it is the universe granting me my wishes.

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Comment by wealthy apple on March 5, 2009 at 12:22am

That's so wonderful to here! Good for you! Keep up the positive energy! :-)
Comment by Emha on March 4, 2009 at 1:59pm

You just made me veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery happy!
I'm so glad things have turned around for you


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