The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 1: Day 37 (What An Amazing Day...or Two...)

I am so thankful and grateful to the God of my understanding. Words can't describe the thankfulness and gratitude that I am feeling right now. I have GREAT NEWS:

1-I GOT THE JOB!!! Yes, it is a temporary position for about 5 weeks, BUT...there's a possibility that it will go to perm, and when it does I want to be able to get it. It is a good opportunity to work with the military and to "do my stuff", to prove my worthiness to be their employee...besides God, there were many angels working behind the scenes so that I could get the position. Really, I thought all was lost, especially when I got lost and ended up being 10 minutes late to my interview! So someone(s) was watching my back for sure :) TYG!!! And the angels, especially my parking angels always on duty. And my angels at the temp service where I am registered :) MAHALOZ!

2-I thought I would have to give up my parttime job, which I felt so sad about. I really do love my bosses. I think the highest of them and love working for them. But I need to work fulltime to take care of business. So I told my parttime boss that I would have to start working fulltime starting next week Monday. But if he was open to me working on Saturdays, I would commit to working that day for him. HE AGREED <3 <3 <3 So starting next week Saturday, I will be working for him 1 day a week...YAHOOOOO!

3-So as of next week, I will have TWO sources of income! I am so far behind on my bills that I have to play catch up pretty fast! I will work very, very hard. But I will also take my rest times and rejuvenation times as needed.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here. For my fellow compatriots here in the USA, HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!!! Enjoy your turkey and your food coma afterwards *lol*. I just hope my turkey defrosts by the time we have to bake it. My BF is going to fix it *yay* :)))))))))))

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