The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 1: Day 39 (Thanksgiving with The Kau Kau Wagon)

Today, I get to give back with gratitude. TYG for the blessing and honor! My dotter and I are going to volunteer our time (amongst many others) to serve a Thanksgiving lunch to the "houseless, and those who need a meal". The Kau Kau Wagon is a nonprofit organization in Honolulu, Hawaii that provides a meal on Saturday afternoons to the homeless in downtown Honolulu. There are no conditions to getting that meal, no sitting through a sermon, no being browbeaten for their unfortunate circumstances. Just come eat. Sometimes they have items to give to them: clothing, gift cards for food items, etc. The majority of things that The Kau Kau Wagon get are donations, grants and access to the Hawaii Food Bank. ALL those who work with the KKW, from the Head Honcho Sharon "Kalona" Black on are VOLUNTEERS.

Thank you, Sharon, for being such a blessing for those who 'get haaaahd times'. Your heart is as big as the universe, compacted into your tiny little body. We are ALL fortunate to know you <3 <3 <3

Anyone interested in further information you can contact Sharon through Facebook. In the search box you can type in "Kau Kau Wagon".


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