The 100 Day Reality Challenge

On Season 1 day 44 things are going very fast in the right direction.

Everything is moving now fast, fast, fast in my life on every level in the positive way. I'm visualizing everyday, doing meditation, yoga, sauna, taking good care of my health, eating healthier, drinking 2 liters of water every day and I already lost 10 kilo's, I have 20 more to go. I listen to Abraham Hicks video's, doing my focus wheel, I'm getting more and more motivated in live. And I'm seeing the results of it back in my live, my health improved, all pain of fybromyalgie dissapeared, the maigraine dissapeared. My body is getting her natural weight and I'm happier in life now. There are a lots of others positive things going on, but it need to unfold first & than I will tell you more about it. For now just enjoy your journey on this global planet.

Lots of Love & Power.


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Comment by WLK on October 16, 2011 at 5:15am
Wonderful news!   So happy for you! 

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