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Aloha, My Fellow Co-Creators!

I'm feeling really mellow today. There are things that I should be doing, but am kind of hanging back a little bit. This is not a bad thing. I am just keeping my stress levels down so that my migraine doesn't accelerate. Now, it's just a niggling little headache at the upper back part of my head but if I stress, it will become a full migraine again and then...God help me...

So I'm sticking to a mellow theme today. I want to go into the interview this afternoon feeling relaxed and confident.

TYG! Somehow, we are going to make rent this month :) I was really, REALLY worried about it, but we'll do it. I owe my children an arm, my BF an arm and a leg. And I'm still a month behind on my bills. But if I can get through the next month and a half, when I can file and receive my income taxes, I'll be able to play "catch up" with those bills. Better yet if I can get a job soon :)

Have a great day, everyone. Aloha <3 <3 <3


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