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I recently got an idea to audition for a school inToronto and I feel really excited about it. I just feel that it makes so much sense for me and my goals and just what I need to do right now. I was originally going to go to a school way far out in the country, but I've realized that I need to go to school in a big city. The thing is, is that it cost around 8000$ per semester...So Imma need some monay. But that's just fine becasue attracting money is my forte! So here's my intention...


I intend to attract 24,000$ into my life. I don't know when, I don't know how, I just know it will happen. I am so grateful that it's coming! waha!


When you pay attention to your emotions about certain things, you can tell what's right for you at certain times in your life. It just gives you a certain feeling of excitement and makes you want to jump for joy! When you think about it there's no doubt or worry because it's what you are MEANT to do and you've attracted it into your life because you are walking around all day sending love to everyone, with a smile on your face and living in the moment!


The only thing thats stopping you is your mind and emotional blocks of course. I don't have negative or doubtful thoughts about money because money has always flowed consistently to me and I've never had a traumatic experience related to it. So that's an area that I am lucky in (I'm also a taurus and we are naturally lucky w/ money and business) Some of you may be naturals at relationships or health or creating new ideas. Embrace your natural luck and try to match it to other areas of your life. Make everything else come as easily as that one area. (I know easier said than done, but something to think about...)

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