The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Last night I realized I forgot everything that I'd learned in the past month at college. I dont think I really did but my brain froze and I did horrible on the test. We didn't get to talk last night as I think he knew and avoided talking at all costs unless about groceries. At night he went straight to bed, once I was asleep though he woke (guessing he senses it) and couldn't sleep.

Today, his father called and told him about addictions while I was in class. We still haven't spoke but I (JUST) told him we need to talk. His response, "Maybe, we'll see." I know he knows but this seems more like a game.

I was able to get my brain working again.

Goal: talk to him and finish my schooling for today.

I am thankful that the universe is going to help me get through this and talk to him.

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Comment by Emha on January 31, 2009 at 6:54pm
Hey Homemom, I'm glad things are going a little better.
But still I sence a little upstream vibration in your blog. Try not to force things and go with the flow.
Let the Universe take care of it. Whenever you feel the urge to force things, just think "All is well in my world"

Think of the saying: "Letting go and letting God"

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