The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I think the whole point of me doing this is to find out the truth about life and why we are here and what we were born to do! I've realized that you can't just live your life "wanting" things because you will never get them that way. And it's not really about wanting or even wishing. Because I don't really "want" anything. The only thing anyone should "want" is to be happy right?


I COULD spend all this time visualizing and writing letters and all that. Or you can connect right now to your higher self and then relax and know you are being taken care of. I find when I do that any situation I am in that is not preferable, changes almost instantly because I am connected to the higher me, which is the real me. 


When I say "connected" I just mean that you are "aware" of your higher self. I actually picture a golden glowing version of myself looking down on me. It's kind of a funny image but it works for me because it makes me feel safe. I used to picture a different higher being, like a god-like being looking down on me, but I prefer to picture myself because you can completely trust YOURSELF right? I find that I am sometimes worrying that my wishes are reaching the universe, "am I thinking about it hard enough?!" "Am I visualizing it in enough detail?". If YOU are taking care of YOU. Then you have nothing to worry about!


So instead of thinking of these "things" I want all day just to make sure the universe got the order right. I can relax and know that "I" meaning my higher self is taking care of things. Because "I" know what I've asked for. Although I know that the universe is always supporting me, I'm just not there yet where I can put all my faith in it. So picturing myself as my guide definitely helps. 


I'm not going to go into detail about my manifestations, I'll just say that they are coming along!! I'll save it for day 100 ok?


Things I am thankful for:


1. My new job full-time hours what!

2. To work with such sweet people. They are so nice!

3. To find out that I am going to a college in the big city

4. To hear from a friend I haven't heard from in years!

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Comment by Tashy on June 16, 2011 at 11:02am

I like your post a lot.

It's very important that we live for now as well. I think it's necessary to be optimistic about the future and that's why I believe in visualizing. We have balance both... I guess ;)


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