The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 1, Day 6 - Second Day of Master Cleanse

So, this has been an interesting journey so far. Day 1 was AMAZING!! I felt totally connected with God and really felt like he was guiding me to the exact place I need to be. I am volunteering for an organization and the Director that I was assisting stepped down. The president asked me to accept the Director of Event Planning position. I LOVE event planning activities! It is a non-paid position but it is doing something that I love and gets me and my business some excellent community exposure. The whole day went along like that. Day 2 I was in some major breakdown. The holiday weekend came and there was not a whole lot of progress made on my declarations but I did start my Master Cleanse journey yesterday. Boy was it a tough one!! Day 1 is always hard for cleansing. I'm on Day 2 and doing much better. Plus my mom is doing it with me!

Today I am starting my day intentionally. I did my cleanse routine, some journaling, and am setting aside some time for mediation and prayer. This is going to be a fantastic day!

Michelle :)

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