The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I haven't written here in a while and I kinda felt like writing! I don't really have something specific to talk about, but maybe as I write this I will. I'm just gonna keep writing and just see what comes out. That's the best way to do these blogs right? Uncensored? Haha. Not in an inapropriate way of course. (Lame jokes also happen).


I guess since my last post I've been starting to see the value in negative situations and how quickly they can change if you keep an open mind about the situation. For example, today I didn't have a ride to work, but I didn't let my self think "Oh S*** what am I gonna do now! Poor me!" I just thought "I'll get a ride to work. whatever". I wasn't feeling happy and positive about it, I just kind of knew it would happen and it did! I also feel like I am attracting more and more of what I want and I'm seeing it as being attainable! I am planning on manifesting $24,000. And I don't know how it will happen, because it's impossible to know these things. That's not your job to think about how, that's the universe's job. duh! 


I'm also starting back on my diet. I kinda fell off the wagon. I don't feel bad about it because I've learned from it. That's what challenges are for! Not for knocking you down, but to teach you to fight harder! 


Things I am thankful for:


I'm learning so much about how to use the LOA and I am so thankful for that


A tension-free day

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