The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 1 Day 66 - Just...believe ;)

You can't just believe part have to believe in it all!


This is just me trying to motive myself and maybe this will motivate you guys too!


How important is it that your life changes?


If it's that important to you, you would think you would get up and take action right?


The universe can't physically pick you up with some kind of levitation magic and get you moving. You have to do that for yourself and what a task that can be! You need to work WITH the universe.


Relax! Because your higher self knows what you want and need and he/she will provide that for you. You just need to listen to the inner voice. Do what makes you the most excited at any given moment, if not excited, then the easiest or less stressful. 


Doing what makes you happy now, will attract to yourself more happy moments, one after the other until every moment is good and if not good then neutral.


Every situation in life is neutral. It's how YOU choose to experience it. One scenario can be horrifying to one person and funny to another...





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