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Dear co-creators,

I feel so happy every day this week, I cautiously said to myself that this week will be just amazing. Having the days off to spend with my boyfriend and enjoy every moment of the day. What I have found is that if you don't remind yourself to enjoy the moment, every moment it somehow gets lost. Yes you still like the day at the end of the day but the moments a re not that well lived and not taken to the next level to attract more of it, to produce positive vibrations. Given this week is my week of from the top list priority which will occupy the majority of my day, I will make it mission to size every moment of the day and learn to create strong positive vibrations.

Guys I have a question to all of you. I want to create a blog and was wondering if you have a topic that you would want to see a blog about, something that is not there or not there in the sense you would wish. Just gathering , so every suggestion is a great one.

Thank you and much love,


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