The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 1, Day 7 - Work and Rewards.

I just read this comment on a youtube video that I enjoyed by Louise Hay that said, “yea right!! say you want a range rover and you will get it, why hard work?!” I found this comment so interesting and I feel kind of bad for the person who left it. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that it is not the people working the hardest that are judged as doing the best in life. Working harder rarely leads to huge rewards. In fact, some of the hardest working people on earth are also so of the poorest, sadly working the hardest for the least. On the flip side, there are a great many people who love what they do, so it doesn’t even seem like work to them, who earn a great deal of money to acquire the things and the lifestyle they want.

One may say that it’s possible that the person who’s doing what they love and making a lot of money is providing more value and the person working hard not making much money is providing less value. Honestly, I’m not sure about this argument… I can’t say that the people who have a hand in growing and harvesting the food we eat is providing a less valuable service than a manager in a large corporation. I’d go so far as to say, the service of providing my favorite fresh foods is more valuable than the CEO of many publically traded companies.

Since we know that hard work is not the thing that drives the highest reward nor the value of the service being provided, the only thing that seems to separate the two workers in my example is their expectations in life. This is not just the case for the people in those jobs today, but the people in those jobs over the last 100 years has shaped the expectations, no doubt leading some people to one profession and others to another. We as a society have placed a higher value on the intangible and possibly meaningless work done by a manager based on the expectations associated with the people who will take the management job.

The unfortunate thing is that these people may or may not be doing something that they truly love and feel good about (though hopefully they are). The individual’s feelings about their job may make them more successful at their jobs, but in general don’t drive their earning potential. There are a few people who have been able to meet or exceed the earnings of the corporation manager growing and harvesting wonderful food, but not without having adjusted their expectations.

Expectations are what drive how much money we make, the lifestyle we lead, and the kinds of things we can afford. If we expect to earn millions, we will. Just as if we expect to find love and romance, fulfillment and family, we will.

Expect what you want, plan for it, be grateful for it and feel it and it will be yours. The comment’s author expects that he will have to work hard for the things he wants, so he must. I like the idea of a vocation that feels like fun and provides me with spiritual, emotional and monetary rewards far beyond my dreams.

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