The 100 Day Reality Challenge


I've been off doing lots. Like going taking a course on getting better and moving across the country to be with my family. I've been keeping up with some of my goals and some a bit less. I wasn't one to put much belief in positive affrimations but after doing them and witnessing what happened I was a bit startled at the results.


Change isn't easy, for me it means having to look at why I do these things that I do that are unhealthy and believing that change is possiable. It also make you think of the real things that count to you. What does a fancy car really mean to you? What void is it going to fill? Isn't it just love and attention that you want? Or is there a piece of you that wants to achive status. Status feels good and its in our nature to seek status. Maybe I don't get the car but I do achive what I want without ever having THAT car. Haveing the car might have just been a distraction, really just a block in the road.

I don't know but things are making a bit more sense to me know.   


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Comment by Jill on March 31, 2012 at 11:19pm

Awesome, I am happy for you Sara.

Blessings, J

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