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Well... Yesterday was my GF's birthday and we went whale watching as a family, her, me, and her parents. We saw several large blue whales and a pod of dolphins swimming all around the boat. It is so amazing that these creatures actually live right here off our shores in California so close to home. I felt so blessed to have this experience.

The last few days I have been working on a new project, its something that I have wanted to create for nearly a year now and I finally got it started. haha. So now I just need to finish it! Its a fantastic audio CD program. One CD is for your CD alarm clock and wakes you up in the morning and guides you through a 30-minute to 60-minute long series of meditations, affirmations, visioneering session, as well as stretches, and yoga positions, to start your day off right. When I am finished with this first CD then I will do a "Nap Time" and a "Bed Time" CD, and I intend to make the disc set available through a major publisher and on my own web site as well. Ill be sure to let you all know when that is available.

I have been kind of stagnant in my decision making process lately as I have been trying to decide what I want to do to make cash to pay my billls while I get my $4000 per month residual business underway. I would really like to tie those two things together so I can focus 100% on building my $4000 passive income. So I have been tossing different ideas around, but I cant say I have been taking any specific action toward creating instant income opportunity. I have been more busy writing and setting up my pod cast and what not...

So my pod cast will be set up soon and I am looking forward to recording and publishing my first episode. You can see what I have so far....It is be available at:

I plan to bring my recording studio up to Fullerton where I live this week so I can begin recording and editing my first episode. I cant wait to get this show on the road! I am planning to interview people who are very successful so I can study them and the way that they think, and implement those ways into my own thinking and share that with my audience. I will also be interviewing anyone on any topic that I find interesting, that I think my audience might appreciate.

I did have a idea today, a way that I can make cash, and it might take a little bit of my time, but it would be great just to get out and get fresh air, and spend time in my car listening to audio programs and to establish a way to make $ while I am building my Pod Cast and writing my own programs.

Still I'd rather be making cash by staying at home and doing something for the Pod Cast or to build Nice Day so that way I would be making cash and also building my $4000 per month Nice Day empire simultaneously. Well, I'm still considering ideas, but one thing I learned today was that I need to get out and TAKE ACTION. I was listening to some things from Tony Robbins and it just re-affirmed to me that I need to be MOVING and DOING....if not exactly what I want to be doing, then just ANYTHING will be better then nothing.

So, time to grab my balls and get started! haha.

Peace and Love-

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Comment by Shaman Kanowa on September 14, 2009 at 12:35am
Wow you actually saw blue whales in the wild? That must have been such an amazing sight! They are the largest creatures ever to roam the earth! I will definitely check out your podcast when you put it out, make sure to announce it to the world!

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