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Is better to create specific intentions or just live happy in general and thus attract more happiness.?


I'm finding as I'm trucking along on this journey I'm less and less "attracted" to creating lists of what I want. I actually find that making a specific goal is stressful for me because when it doesn't pan out, I feel doubtful if it ever will. 


It feels really good to let go of all the "things" I want or the "experiences" I want to happen. Because I already KNOW deep down inside what I want. I think the thing thats holding me back is all those years of "brainwashing" telling me I'm not good enough or that what I want is impossible. 


I find that when I step into my power and embrace myself for who I am and have a positive outlook on situations. I don't really "want" anything anymore because I wanted all those things for happiness. And when you already have it, what's the point?


I'm not saying I have happiness, I'm saying that I have experienced happiness quite a few times since I started the challenge, and many of those times would last a couple days, where I would be walking around with a smile and stress-free and sending love to everyone I meet. During those times I wouldn't "want" anything because I was just living by the minute and marveling at everything that was happening around me. I, like any human being that has been exposed to media and hard to please parents, would come back down from that high and would rethink my goals and would continue to "want" them again. But we shouldn't "want" when we already "have". 


It will take a few times of coming in and out of that feeling of total happiness and bliss until I will be able to experience it more than half the time. Because as we all know, you have to "heal" your mind from all the bombarding that it's been exposed to all these years. And it's not your fault your mind thinks negatively. It's just the result of what you've been exposed to (or past lives, if you're into that)


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Comment by David on July 28, 2011 at 9:13am
I love your insight and awareness.

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