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Hello co-creators!

It's been five days too long away from all the beautiful energy here.  I have to state that I have really enjoyed reading  and commenting on everybody's blogs so much, that I often run out of the time to post my own!  Although, I am keeping a daily written grateful/intention/manifest journal in my mini moleskin of my 100 day reality challenge, I really love the collective energy here that is so remarkably bright.  :)

Since my last blog, I have been reading, meditating and exercising my ability to remain in the "now" and present.  I have been practicing forgiveness of others, but especially of myself.  It feels really, really good...

...I will admit that a handful of the past week had its rough moments of feeling like I had forgotten all that I have learned and was slipping back down the rainbow that I have been climbing so well.  However, I am grateful and proud to be able to say, this one time and at that very moment, again, with my nemesis blockage...I caught myself from falling and just started to...forgive...real Universal forgiveness...true heart forgiveness...and  then, I continued to forgive myself for the feelings and thoughts I was having, at that very moment, for anything and everything that was being said to me.  My buttons froze up...and finally when I began to forgive the one who was constantly launching "little" spears at those buttons with sour words to hurt/anger/sadden/degrade/WHATEVER the goal...I actually felt those blockages melting away followed by the best feeling of clarity and connection with myself that I can ever recall whilst dealing with this type of verbally and emotionally abusive behavior from somebody I love.  So I conceded, with the knowledge that I have forgiven and i am that i am, I said, "okay, thank you and goodnight" and simply left the room of negative energy to go watch my videos, listen to music, write in my journal and meditate before I fell asleep in peace with myself.  I smudged the room with sage this morning.  :)

On top of all that good greatest achievement during these six days is the place I reached today during meditation...I felt a blast of energy arising and surrounding me and saw more light in my eyes than I have ever experienced while meditating!!!  It was, to say the least, electric!

journal entries:

June 21, 2014 - Day 12

Thank you Universe for the strength you provide me with to stay positive.

June 22, 2014 - Day 13

I am grateful for my quiet time.

June 23, 2014 - Day 14

I am grateful for meditation and mindfulness.

June 24, 2014 - Day 15

Thank you Universe for the ability to forgive.

June 25, 2014 - Day 16

I am grateful for my family.

I am grateful for my ability to forgive.

Dear Universe I am ready to receive the financial abundance you have for me.

Thank you Universe for sending me more than enough abundance to share.

I am grateful for the Universe!

Thank you Universe for sending my dear friend Miranda a healthy set of lungs so she may live a full life to spread inspiration throughout the Universe.

Thank you Universe for the money you have sent me.

I am grateful for the abundance of love i get.

Thank you Universe for a healthy family.

Thank you Universe for the inspiration in my creativity and creations.

Thank you Universe for helping me have a fun and successful ArtWalk/Fundraiser for Miranda.

Thank you Universe for sending me more than enough help to have a successful ArtWalk/Fundraising event.

I am grateful for so much opportunity.

Thank you Universe for helping me stay clear in my mind and heart.

Thank you Universe for all the volunteers and donations you have sent me to achieve my goals.

I am grateful for my understanding and loving parents.

I am grateful for kind and generous friends, family and acquaintances.

Thank you Universe for you!!!

...and finally...

June 26, 2014 - Day 17

Tonight I am a night owl, it is a quarter to three in the morning as I type these letters.  Another night full of forgiveness prior to the new day we are in and with gratitude, I am in the present.  There are more than a handful of actions I have listed for myself to take to reach the goals in my current projects and I am ready to receive all the help the Universe has set for me.  For now, it is late, I am feeling tired but good for getting here and getting my epic blog out, lol.  Soon, I will be drifting off to sleep with my headphones on listening to a short video of affirmations and then meditative music.

FORGIVE ME!!!  lol...for the uber long absence and blog...I intend to check-in and blog more often!!

I am grateful for all I have learned about the Universe, my soul and my spirit.

I am grateful for the clarity I have gained the past two years and continue to gain in abundance every day.

Thank you Universe for teaching me how to manifest my visions into my reality.

Today, I will manifest for myself $500 pay and bonuses, for my active or inactive efforts of earning, before the fourth of July, 2014.  :)

I now know that have manifested before many times unconsciously or sub-consciously and but so far consciously, purposefully and intentionally has been once on a slot far so good!  :D  I say it is time now to do it again!

love, light and an infinity of positive energy to everyone!

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