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Hello Co-creators!

Oh my goddess, it has been an exciting, educating and positively productive time for me and I feel I have so much to share with all the beautiful understanding souls here!  

I have been able to stay clear, focused and forgiving.  My recent consciousness of being in the "now" reminds me to release, let things flow and stay productive.  The Universe continues to send me synchronicity and abundance in it's many forms and I feel so much gratitude for it.

I have also made the realization that, for the longest time, I have been doubting my natural intuitive abilities and have identified this block, released it and am in the process of relearning to trust my gut.  In fact, I believe that I have been angry at myself the past seven months for not listening to it.  I was in a car accident last November, where the driver of a stolen car ran a stop sign, hit the car I was driving and just limped away without looking back.  I had a vision and a feeling, but shook it off without a second thought.  I only told a couple people about the foresight that I had just two blocks prior to being hit.  After being hit, my car reared towards a tree that I luckily nicked, skidded against the lower portion of a front porch and came to a halt with the horn screeching and engine steaming.  I had been angry from the very moment I saw the other car and knew I was going to be hit...and all I could get out was..."NO<NO<NO!" once the car stopped.  The point to returning to this past story is that, I knew that I had the intuition and I knew that I was remorseful, however only recently, as I began routinely exercising being present, mindful and forgiving...since I began writing things down, meditating and really feeling gratitude, I did not realize the anger I had towards myself for the self-doubt.  In fact the anger was not just for the car accident.  It was for so many years, that I didn't even recognize it as an intuition, but as just a "strange thought" to have and filed it away as a deja vu sort of vibe.  I have, finally, made the realization I had allowed doubt to drift in and my natural intuition silenced, for longer than I can recall.  I don't know where, when or why I stopped listening, but I forgive myself, have and will again "now" consciously release the doubt in myself and will trust the natural intuition I am blessed with!  yay!

I also stumbled upon a lovely lady named, Kate Northup, who said the following quote, in an amazing talk about the energy of money, the idea of money, the reality of money, the link to money and a new paradigm for money....I can post the link if anyone is interested later or you can just look her up, she has many videos on uTubey. 

"My lack of financial awareness is directly related to a lack of self care and self love.  Because, if money is a stand in for what we value and we receive money in exchange for the value we provide to the world.  If we are having financial issues, that means, we are not valuing ourselves."

But of course, money is only a portion of what we care to manifest in our lives to make us smile, but it's always nice to have more than enough to share!  I could go on about the last four everyone much positive flow and yes, I think I beat the last post by a full day!  :D

Journal Entries:

June 27 - Day 18: 

Own Yourself!  <3

I am grateful for healthy selfishness.

I am grateful for my natural intuition and the strength to trust it.

Thank you Universe for the continued flow of money, love and light!

June 28 - Day 19: 

I am grateful for this awesome pen!  :D

Thank you Universe for the power of positive.

I am grateful for my true self.

I am grateful for my good attitude.

I am grateful for my sweet and considerate sons and husband.



June 29 - Day 20:

I am grateful for stumbling onto, Kate Northrup.

Thank you Universe for sending me so much direction, guidance and opportunities.

I am grateful for my emotional, physical and mental strength.

June 30 - Day 21:

I am grateful for my clarity, focus and my continued gain of both.

Thank you Universe for the abundance!

Abundance Is my life.

Thank you Universe for the strength and positive energies that flow infinitely to me.

I am grateful for the Universe and all the different types of abundance it sends me daily.

I am grate for the beautiful sunny day today.

Always sending much love and light!

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Comment by Jeannie Hesse on July 3, 2014 at 1:30pm

Thank you so much Ania!  The synchronicities are amazing, they continue to flow to me and the feelings of gratitude just keep growing with each one!  Allowing for forgiveness has been one of the most powerful aspects of acceptance and release that I have learned on my journey so far.

I really do appreciate the wonderful comments and  support from my co-creators and the new friends I have here, Thank you for sharing your beautiful energies with us!  My gratitude for you grows daily!  <3

Comment by Aniamia on July 3, 2014 at 8:07am

Awesome you go girl acknowledging what blocking us accepting it and releasing with love and forgiveness is so healing. And Yay for synchronicities getting the right information in right time is amazing, we know we are on the right path.

Comment by Jeannie Hesse on July 1, 2014 at 3:49pm

Thank you Jenifer.  I have been feeling very grateful for having such a revelation about myself.  I appreciate your excitement, because that is how I have been feeling too!  Much love and light to you also!

Comment by Yogini Jeni on July 1, 2014 at 10:37am

So excited for you that you are in touch with your natural intuitive abilities! Much love, Jeni xox


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