The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Dear Universe my eyes are wide open, my heart and mind in the present and my soul is ready and eager to receive all the synchronicity's you have set for me to retain my clarity and remain on the right path.  Thank you for the guidance and abundance in light, love and everything I need to fulfill my goals and intentions in life.

Receiving a synchronicity is a most affirming and delightful feeling!  I have been flowing with them and the energy is simply amazing and inspiring.

The other evening, I had taken a leap of faith and delved into a hot debate with my husband the about the new paradigm and how all the random information I have been learning about is co-related to the Greeks vs. the Romans, the decline and return of the goddess and the merge of faith and spirit.  (it is making me giggle right now thinking about it)  :D  He has always been the devil's advocate when it comes to our debates, however I feel very clear about all the "dots" I have been able to connect lately and stayed true to myself.  After an hour of what normally would be a draining and exhausting debate, I agreed to disagree and he went to bed.  As he slept, my words and the excitement of the new connections I had during our debate swirled in my head searching for any other revelations I may have missed that would help me tie it all together once and for all...lo and behold...the Universe instantly introduced me to one Dr. Bruce Lipton and his talk with Lilou about the "Revolution of Evolution and the Emergence of Cultural Creatives."  I truly believe I am NOW in the VORTEX!

Last night I realized, while working into the wee hours, I have been making many new connections with like minded people on fb and have been oblivious to the synchronicity of their arrival in my life.  They are people flowing in to volunteer their time and energies into a fundraiser I am organizing, however, I feel they have been sent to me with more purpose than just to support this one goal to help a common friend in need.  I have been manifesting, affirming and thanking the Universe for sending me the plethora of help in it's many forms to reach my highest intentions with this project/goal and the flow of support has been and is coming in daily now!!  I am receiving donations from people I do not know or just know online, connected by another friend or some random art show or even a brief social interaction regarding a similar like or unlike.

Those are just a couple examples out of many big and small synchronicity's I have been having.


Life is beautiful knowing that the past two years I have spent in my cocoon was not done in vain, but in complete and pure unconsciousness reaching towards the power of relearning to trust and love myself again...I feel more gratitude and gain much clarity with every synchronicity I have and am grateful for the guidance the Universe is providing me!

Thank you Universe for the knowledge you send and my ability to make the necessary connections!

Journal Entries:

July 1 - Day 22:

I am grateful for the journey I have been on.

I am grateful for my understanding of the Universe.

I am grateful for my abundance of knowledge.

Please Universe release to me the finances to tell my story and teach other people about the Revolution of Evolution.

Dear Universe Thank you for your generosity!

I am grateful for the 100 day challenge, Lilou Mace and Dr. Bruce Lipton, for helping me find the path to my true self.

I am grateful for my emotional strength.

Dear Universe please send me help to reach my goals.

I am grateful for the love for myself.

I am grateful for finding my true self and the power and strength to live it.

I am grateful for my presence in the now.

Dear Universe thank you for the financial abundance and bonus abundance you have sent me.

I manifest cash money of $500.00 before the Fourth of July, 2014, from either active or non active reasons.

Dear Universe thank you for sending me the financial abundance I have manifested for myself because I love myself.

July 3 - Day 23:

Thank you Universe for sending healthy lungs to my dear friend Miranda!

Thank you Universe for sending me love, light and abundance in positive energies.

Thank you Universe for the continual flow of synchronicity's.

Thank you Universe for the continual financial flow of monies that I deserve and am most worthy of.

Thank you Universe for the sending me a new circle of life affirming, positive friends and co-creators!

Thank you Universe for sending me the knowledge, patience and forgiveness to heal my relationships with loved ones.

I am grateful for my clarity.

infinite love and light to all my co-creators here!

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