The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I'm keeping it simple for season 10. The dragon that's really been holding me back from loving myself is my addiction to cigarettes. Quit several times over the corse of these 10 seasons but I have yet to really break free and let go. I usually try to make my practices to do's rather than don'ts but this time Don't Smoke is the main practice.

Main focus: 100 days without cigarettes

Practices: Don’t Smoke
Identify subconscious negative beliefs and the roots they may stem from
Practice catching negative thought patterns and redirect them into positive affirmations.
Practice positive affirmations and gratitude daily and journal.
Video Blog every Monday
Create something new every week and journal about it (Vision board, crafts,, stories, etc)

I release myself from blame, shame and guilt and feeling unworthy
I love myself mind, body and soul
Creativity flows through me and I joyously express my creativity constantly
I am full on energy and Joy
I am in good health
I have more than I need
I trust in love and in good in the world

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