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It's been some time, but my 10th season ended. Because of positive thinking and putting faith into my spirit, I averted a disaster. I was in Reno during the National Air Races, but at the time of the accident, I was actually in a spiritual spot for myself up at Lake Tahoe. My seat was very close to the tragic accident, and thankfully everyone in my family and party turned out ok, while I completely missed the accident. 


Here is a review of how my season went

1. Complete the 30 day workbook from Abraham Hicks- stay positive with this everyday. Make a conscious effort to feel good. Feel good about myself.

While I appreciate the abrahamic practicies, this workbook just does not resonate with me. I still could do better staying positive everyday.

2. Learn to love myself- Read my new Ayn Rand book on healthy selfishness, accept who I am, pursue my interests an passions, feeling free with everything that makes me myself

I have read a little more of Ayn Rand and I am taking to heart the spirit of loving myself even more. I have finally completed an important hobby of mine and will be doing more now as time goes on. 

3. Delve into my spirituality- Shamanic meditations, tarot, my new personal path, going out into the woods more, finding my center

Do need to go into the woods and develop my spirit more, but I have  been practicing and because of this practice, I feel I avoided the disaster in Reno. I have been connecting to the spirits around me and will continue to do more.

4. Financial wealth- live on a comfortable budget, save more money

I am doing better with budgeting myself. 

5. Build relationships- Improve relationships with those I know and love, make new friends

I have sort of made one new friend, and have greatly improved existing relationships.

6. Business success- Be a diligent worker and enjoy all I do!

Kea has gone into production and I am relied upon for new projects too!


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Comment by Cottage Chic on September 28, 2011 at 9:05am

Congrats, Shaman,

You have put so much into your journey of self discovery. Bravo, my friend! I applaud your dedication & discipline. You are an inspiration! :) I hope you are very pleased with yourself. 

With Love & Light,



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