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I gave myself food poison the evening of the 13th! For the next 24 hours, I was NOT in a good place, physically. 

What I learned...that with a positive mindset during the events, I actually felt better even though I was releasing the poison from both ends! :D

I am into essential oils and as soon as I realized what was happening, I did the research to find out what oils could help lessen the symptoms.  I was grateful for the thought that brought the oils to my mind.  I was grateful that I am in a position that work would not be an issue I since I knew I would have to miss the next day.  I was grateful for being in a warm, comfortable bed and home while this was going on.  I was grateful for water and toilet paper and warm blankets.  In the midst of the event, it floored me to find I was grateful.  It really changed everything.  I didn't feel sorry for myself.  I wasn't angry that I had chosen to eat the food that gave me the food poisoning.

What I learned from this.  No matter what is happening in the moment, WE make the choice of HOW we are going to respond to an event.  Big or small.  Our reaction to what is happening can change EVERYTHING! 

I am grateful for the lessons that came to me during this event.  I am grateful for essential oils.  I am grateful for the flexibility of my current job (which reminded me of what I desire for my future work posts).  I am grateful for a healthy body that was able to recover quickly.  I am grateful for learning moments.  They truly bless me.

Just another reminder....


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