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The weekend has passed and I am refreshed by the beauty of all that is.  I enjoy listening to Dr. Ihaleakala and his teachings of his friend Morrnah Sumeona.  She is the creator of modern day Ho'oponopono.

It recently came to me combine The Law of Attraction along with the practice Ho'oponopono.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the "PRACTICE" of doing...instead of JUST DOING.  Nike has it right (smile).

Ho'oponopono does not really believe in {intentions} it is more about cleaning what has been in order to bring about what is desired.  When one cleans, it erases what was and allows what is desired to come to fruition. 

I think there is overlapping between The Law of Attraction and Ho'oponopono.  Well at least in how I feel it.  But Neville Goddard says it best, FEELING IS THE KEY!

Your subconscious is the ruler of your conscious.  What are you feeling.  REALLY feeling.  When you can control that, then you can bring to fruition your hearts desire.  SOOOO if that is true, then what do you really, really FEEL about what you want to happen.  HOW does is FEEL when what you desire happens?  See for me that has been the hardest part in staying consistent with all of this.  In the past I have created truly magical things, some of which are documented on these pages.  For some reason, I wander away, and I no longer desire to wander away.  I desire to live in this magical place for the rest of my physical life on this planet.

For this reason, it is imperative that I conquer The Master Key system because it is truly the foundation of harnessing the power of mind.  When your mind is under your true control, you can feel your way to what you desire.  My thoughts on it anyway.

I feel the excitement in these 100 days again and it has me smiling once again.

I am reminded once again....


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