The 100 Day Reality Challenge


30 days have passed and it is time to re-evaluate where I stand in my 100 day journey.

As always, some days are more of a pass where it does not feel like much is accomplished.  Then I realize when I reflect the next day, hey, you did do this and you did generate that and you did manifest really SOMEthing as been done.

These next 30 days will be focused on completing 2 weeks of The Master Key, creating 2 new vision boards and manifesting 1 specific thing.  Using only the techniques of Neville Goddard and Ho'oponopono.  I have this theory that they will be powerful combined together. If I am doing these 2 things consistently and there is truth in what I believe, it will be no problem.  :D  super excited to put this out there and watch how it all comes to fruition.

It's a great time to be alive and consciously creating.


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