The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 10: I am back and looking forward to it - Intentions - Day 1

Hi everyone. It is great to be back here. I found this really supportive back when I was here before when I achieved great things with the support from all of you here.

I have a number of intentions for this season.

1. I will be lighter and even healthier. I lost a lot of weight back in 2008 (77 pounds). I did that through cycling, and doing things about food I was eating. I am now an Ultra runner - and oddly some of the weight has crept back on - largely because it is hard to do 50 mile running races without eating junk! Anyway, I am going to get to grips with being a lighter healthier Ultra runner. I am currently 193 pounds. I will get back to 169 pounds. That's where I will be.

2. I spent more time living life and new experiences. Always looking for new things and new exciting fun, interesting experiences to enjoy. Hey, it is not like I spend a tonne of time watching TV or wasting time on Facebook - it's just that I could do with that a little bit less.

3. I am going to finish writing my book. I have come a long way with it, and I am enjoying the process of writing it. I want others to enjoy the product of my labours too. So, I will spend more time each day writing and editing and reviewing it.

4. I will be the best husband I can be. I am now very happily married, and I am pretty good at being a husband. I can always be better at it though - and it's a pretty good thing to remember that always.

So, there I am. A now live in a little village in Kent, England. I run. I eat. I love. Thanks to all of you for the support you'll give me along my new journey. Phil

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