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season 11 day 11 wealth consciousness

hey there!

it's day 11, this morning I woke up and did some creative visualization and day dreaming in bed. that felt really good. then I practiced some yoga, I'm waiting for someone to come pick up the futon they're buying from me and wanted to do some more practice here. so now i'll focus on wealth vision and abundance consciousness, relationships, vision, family, vocation, and purpose. 

wealth vision - I see myself in different locations around the world, dressed in fancy stylish comfortable clothes, at ease, enjoying the spaces, enjoying leisure time and luxuries, lounging on the beach, being driven from place to place by a driver. having no worries in the world. being able to dine at 5-star restaurants, having 7-course meals where everything tastes delicious and is healthy. flying all over the world whenever I want to, having my flights paid for, enjoying living in and owning a beautiful flat with my partner or someday wife and having healthy pets, lots of healthy plants, kids, already have college savings for the kids all figured out, be able to go on vacations several times a year or at will to anywhere we want to go. be able to buy any furniture, art, material items, food that we want. be able to pay to have someone clean our flat on regular basis. be able to employ other people through the monies that are coming in with our businesses.

abundance consciousness - i love to see the beautiful furniture i have manifested in my apartment, all of the food and spices i love to have around, being comfortable and able to sell items to people, all of the friendships and positive relationships i have in my life, all of the opportunities that people have invited me to be a part of, all of the money i've ever made in my life!, the thousands of tv shows or movies i could watch anytime for leisure, all of the time in the world to rest, all of the time in the world to co-create with my partner and friends, all of the creative projects i've ever worked on and will continue to work on, all of the songs and lyrics that have been gifted to me from the ether or what have you, all of the amazing restaurants and markets that are so close to my house, all of trains that can get me wherever i want to go with ease, all of the lovely people haha, all of the things i want to do with my loved ones.

relationships - I have been falling in love with the ideas of being in a relationship where we both come home from work or whatever we do during the day (if we aren't doing something with each other, taking each other on dates and such) and just ease in and relax and talk and give each other company; and on other days we do just that, take each other on dates and treat each other to good things and experiences. that sounds exciting to me. travel together. share ideas with each other. talk about philosophy or ways to approach situations. communication. everything easy and slow and steady. i really like that. we're both attracted to each other and love each other. i like that. 

vision - some of my visuals from before were of playing shows live, being on tour, traveling and swimming, spending time with the love of my life, being surrounded by money and cash haha, making new paintings. writing more music, practicing music with friends.

family - spending time with my parents when they come to visit me in the city, getting to see my sister's family and my nephew when they come to visit or when i go up there, dine and communicate more together, go to visit my brother and my sister in law sometime; enjoy creating a new family with my wife and children to be, spend time together, create a house together, build support for each other, compassion, companionship with life.

vocation - learn about my process, enjoy the process, continue to expand on musical career, continue to expand on what i learn at my job, continue to attract new business opportunities to be a part of and work for, with ease and grow and stretch my abilities

purpose - of sharing joy and creativity with the world, in all of its varying colors and ways.

much love,


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Comment by Jade Wilkins on February 7, 2014 at 11:40pm
keep it up Kevin! Beautiful visulizations!
Comment by Kevin on February 5, 2014 at 11:39am


Comment by Sophia on February 5, 2014 at 6:34am


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