The 100 Day Reality Challenge

hey there!

so for today I wanted to create some intentions for the day, the week and the season:

for today I intend to do some reading to catch up with my book club people so we can meet for tea and whatnot. if i have some additional time i intend on doing more yoga. i intend to sort of feng shui my workspace tonight too to improve it and make it easier for everyone.

for this week, i intend to write lyrics for the 10th song i've been working on, I intend to reach out and connect with more musicians to see who might want to be a part of this project. i intend to start recording for the album i will bring with me on tour. I intend to continue working on some of my innovative or fun ideas or art projects. I intend to continue writing and working on some of my characters.

for this season, i intend to slow down, enjoy the process, have a lot of fun doing this.



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