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so i took a little break from here and from social media to focus on the base things in life. a couple things that feel progressed since I was last here: my living environment is getting enhanced today, I get to go buy all new furniture with my parents who are visiting from new england. i made the most amount of money hourly I have ever made and am really feeling and aware of the abundance right now. so high! so much! so thanks to all of the people who helped co-create my financial success. onward and upward! my friend i had mentioned early and i have started recording a new ep / album and we have three songs pretty solid on the first guitar already completed. it sounds fantastic. i am grateful. he has these really expensive mics and we get to borrow equipment from his company and make a professional album for free. it's such a perfect match of our talents too because i am a songwriter / lead singer / producer and he wants to support the songwriting and co-write parts for the other instruments and engineer the record. so between the two of us we pretty much have all of the expertise we need to make something special. i am pumped. whatever happens i really want us to continue to work together, since we also get along so well anyways. good times. i am starting to also feel more healthy and balanced, and have decided to take the weekends to mellow out instead of constantly going at goals and accomplish whatever i have to do. the manifestations then have been barreling in. i am excited to see what comes next.

much love and peace


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Comment by Sophia on February 26, 2014 at 5:39am

Wow Kevin! I took a little break too and I am so excited to be back. I am extremely happy for you! Money, music, health! Amazing! I hope you are enjoying making your new record. :)

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