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hey everyone what's up?

today i decided to take a train to the beach. on the way i started reading Ask and it is Given again. One of the main things I gathered from it this time was to focus on being blessed, that is, how i am blessed, that i am blessed, what things have blessed me, how blessed i feel, and so on. practicing this today has created a deeper sense of peace and wonder, and i definitely am grateful for the reminder.

another thing i gathered from the reading was that all we need to do to manifest what we want is to hold an image in our minds of what is wanted, or if it is a vibe, then an image that represents this vibe as manifested - and then all we have to do is focus on feeling good, if we don't feel good, it's because our imaging system doesn't line up with what we want. for example, wanting money but imagining poverty (from prior or current images we are used to). imagine money and money will come.

in addition to this, what struck me as a reminder is that everything manifests with ease and clarity. no worries! no stress necessary. not even a lot of physical effort required! it's all vibes and imagination, and the action of allowing what feels good and right, and then taking action when it feels good and right.


have a blessed day everybody


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Comment by Kevin on January 30, 2014 at 12:08pm

Thanks! Yeah, it's like, we stress about the things that we don't want rather than in that moment getting excited for what we do want. So often when we witness that thing that we don't want, we accept that as the truth of all-time reality, when really, the things that we wished for are still on their way. We just have to accept that! Much strength to you Sophia! 

Comment by Sophia on January 30, 2014 at 3:53am
You are so right! We limit ourselves with stressing about everything. At least I do. And i am scared very often. I am doing better, but not there yet.
I am happy for you!


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