The 100 Day Reality Challenge

What an emotional couple of days from extreme highs to lows caused by self sabotage. This trip to London was initiated for my family birthday celebrations and we had so much fun, I've had my first girly night out and met with some old friends that have got in recent contact with. My girls love staying at nanas they get so much love and get the best new foods to taste.

My whole family is feeling a slump in energy and recently I've just felt like I'm being drained and I know it's all internal but with the girls growing and one crawling and almost walking its proving very difficult. My aim is to bring my energy levels back up. To start with I think we all need a break so booking a break somewhere hot for a week so we can detach & refresh. Sunshine always lifts me.

May also help if I get sleep it's 4am and I need to be up in 3 hours to make feeds

Top observations for this week

1) when filling up my car I have been always taught to fill up to round numbers so £20,£40 etc but I've been filling say £19.50 etc so that the change I receive I put in the collection tin at the counter. This is another way to give back and keep things flowing

2) Facebook and Instagram are my worst and best forms of connecting with others. I went through a few weeks before my girls birthday that I took the apps off my phone and I missed them as they are a part of my everyday life keeping me connected to others. But i got alot more done and happier. I have contemplated saying goodbye to them for a while (never say forever) but I love sharing hence why I'm on this forum too.

3) babies are so clever. I swear my babies understand everything. I've noticed whenever we have been to classes or appointments and have been suggested to do certain things to help them develop as soon as we get home they are practically doing exactly what has been discussed.

4) I don't spend enough me time and I have the time

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