The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Wow this season went by and i didn't really keep track. Season 12 I will do better. Here were my goals and how I did:

1. Physical Health- eat less, try and keep the metabolism up, try and work out at the gym everyday I can, gain muscle, definition and good looks. 

I hardly went to the gym at all. My weight fluctuated and I am back up to around 170 now. I do know better but I think I caved in too much to food.

2. Mental Health- keep organized at work, prioritize what's important, write down everything I can to keep myself in check, allow for free time to have fun, make more friends

Well my mental health is getting better. I am doing better with multitasking on the job and I have been writing things down a lot more. Free time, I haven't had as much but I am doing decently with that. 

3. Spiritual Health- Put more energy into positive thoughts, read and practice more of my Shamanism, connect with nature, give love and energy to spiritual experiences to allow them to come into my life more, visualize what I really want. I need to learn the definition of my own soul.

This went much better. I have dedicated myself to a year and a day with my Shamanism, had an amazing past few holidays and now I am gaining a spiritual sense. I am also learning a lot more about my soul and what makes me tick.

I mark this last season by my new love for The Elder Scrolls and starting to find love of myself.

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