The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This season I kind of fell apart at the end. I did have some powerful experiences but lost my way toward the middle/end. I want a repeat of 2008/2009 this year, and I will make it happen.

Here is how my goals faired last season 

1. Fall in love with myself- I am such an amazing person, and I want to continue to explore my own greatness. I have my own fascinating inner world, and I want to build my own structure loving it.

Yes, this is growing. I am starting to love myself and follow my passions. Structure is still in process, but it's getting better all the time. 

2. Try new things into my daily life- Do things to spice up the life! I have to expand myself, explore new things and mark this new year to make it special

Well I haven't done much of this. Although I am now in the habit of streaming games everyday.

3. Drink at least 8 ounces of water a day everyday

Well I mostly did this but forgot about it.

4. 10 minutes a day of meditation (1000 minutes in total at least)

No... too bad I want to do this more.

5. Write SOMETHING in CCOR everyday. I don't care if it's two or three words. I am going to put something down here everyday to at least keep track of myself. 

Wow,that goal wasn't so hard. I didn't do it but I will try it this season.

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