The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 13 Day 1: Season of Wealth and Visualization

I can feel that this season is going to be a big adventure. Today I turned 30 years old. I am still young but can feel this is a big transition year, I will be a full adult now. I notice that ever since I got my house, I became very lax and lazy. I have not been focused on positively manifesting and visualizing what I want. This really needs to change this season. I have learned much about the power of visualization and positive thinking. We live in a very responsive Universe to our own desires. I found that when I can visualize what I want and focus on it, I will receive it, even if the way to achieve it is not immediately clear. The important first step is to concentrate on that visualization. So now, I want to visualize wealth. Wealth in my spirit as well as in money. Abundant money gives me the freedom to be myself.

These will be my goals and visualization focus:

1. I will bring a large amount of money into my life. I will let the Universe, gods and spirits find the way for this to happen and to present it to me.

2. I will mold myself into the model man of my desire. I will visualize the ideal personality, aura, persona as always beside me. I will become that person.

3. I will write constantly. Hear, journals, anywhere. The importance to writing your dreams is critical to visualization. Lets you appreciate each day.

4. I will grow my spirituality and continue my Shaman studies.

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