The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I had some realization these past couple of weeks. Some were negative and some were positive. 


  • Fear has been holding me back 
  • Became too attached to the computer - The distraction has made me forget about some promises I made to others. 
  • Broken promises to myself 
  • Not everyone wants to buy what I have to offer
  • I use the Law of Attraction to constantly attract Free Stuff, but nothing else in my life. 
  • I'm always provided what I'm needed so I have space to attract what I want. 
  • When my home and sacred space isn't right then I'm not right. 
  • I must appreciate what I already have in order to appreciate what I want. 

All these realizations have hit me in my face, HARD... Even the Universe has been trying to tell me something, I'm on my 4th laptop from the renting company. It just keeps shutting down and refuses to work! I'm also not taking care of myself as I should. Stress from not getting any sales, lack of self-care, and self-hatred has caused my seborrheic dermatitis to get WORSE! 

I also have reverted back to not speaking up and expressing myself. I can't blame anyone else, but myself. My throat has been hurting so badly every morning and night time. I now know what must be done. All I can do is not punish myself and just take each moment at a time. This Blue Moon has brought up some hurt that I have done to myself and I'm allowing forgiveness to wash all over me. 

School has just begun for the girls and I'm making a solid promise to make sure they make it there everyday. I don't want to go back to work, but hubby isn't getting any work from his job and business isn't jumping as much as I hoped for. Keeping a promise to myself that I will stay independent when it comes to my business is important to me. Tuesday, I will be going around to apply for jobs... Its important that I bring money in for bills and for my business. Seems like ever since I lost my call center job, I lost my confidence, trust, and faith in myself. 

I want to bring back that feeling I had in the beginning and resume the self-love that I had. 

Been reading Bliss: Writing to Find Your True Self by Katherine Ramsland, PH. D. & Grace, Guidance, and Gifts: Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way by Sonia Choquette. Getting back into a daily spiritual, beauty, and house, business routine is important for me since this keeps me accountable for my daily success. Vision Board is the next thing on my list to do and I'm going to post it up in my bedroom in my sacred space. 

Limiting my time online for some personal and family time. I keep taking everything around me for granted and I can't do this anymore. It's a new month with new beginnings. I keep seeing black butterflies around my home and it symbolizes new beginnings/rebirth or death in the family. Either way something awesome will come out of it. Since I'm out of a laptop, I will be making more videos. This will help me see the growth within myself. 

Hope everyone's having an awesome manifesting season! Much love, 


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