The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hey everyone!

What's up?!

It was interesting looking at my season 12 goals and seeing how I sort of called it off 70 days in. Looking at it now, the goals seemed vague and so here I am with more clarity and desire to make the following goals happen. Cheers!

1. Read and study at least 5 books related to entrepreneurship
2. Read and study at least 5 books related to real estate
3. Identify my favorite place that I would absolutely love to live in the city, by traveling, visiting, learning about and planning to move into my own apartment by the end of this season or during next season.
4. Spiritual devotion time - continue to devote at least 20 minutes per day to exploring my spirituality and beliefs.
5. Leisure time - explore, study, learn and set out to complete at least 3 creative projects - a photography project, a music project, a literary project, and / or an invention or innovative project.

Alright awesome! I start tomorrow for day 1! I think since I have a free day I'm going for trip around the city to check out places! And then later I will go grab some books, including ones I know I already wish to read, and invest in my future! Haha and I do have a photography project I want to put together from my recent trip to Montreal, so that'll be rad. I'm setting this year for studies and traveling and stuff, and since I declined my acceptance to a university recently, I'm going it the diy way, someday ill own my own business, but I need to learn more! Best wishes to you succeeding in your goals. Much love and light! 

Blessings upon you


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