The 100 Day Reality Challenge

While I stopped writing daily, I do believe that this season was a success. In summary, I lost about 19 pounds of weight, started practicing my spirituality more seriously, developed more of a fun personality as well as manifested physical things in an interesting way.

1.I will bring a large amount of money into my life. I will let the Universe, gods and spirits find the way for this to happen and to present it to me.

Well this happened to me in the largest way as a gift of something for my home that cost quite a bit. Something I will repay but something that really improved my quality of life. Also, my friend wanted me to really have a Macbook pro someday. I really love Macs but couldn't see a means to get one myself yet. Well, lucky for me, very quickly after she told me this, it turned out that I got assigned to a work project that was to work with a Mac on an iOS application! I ended up with a new Macbook Pro for work which I am enjoying thoroughly. 

2. I will mold myself into the model man of my desire. I will visualize the ideal personality, aura, persona as always beside me. I will become that person.

This is always a work in process. I do believe I became more structure

3. I will write constantly. Hear, journals, anywhere. The importance to writing your dreams is critical to visualization. Lets you appreciate each day.

I did for a while, but then I fell off the wagon. I am jumping back on now.

4. I will grow my spirituality and continue my Shaman studies.

I have been doing a good growth on this, but I should do more. I am planning to complete my first year of serious study by the end of December, so I am taking this much more seriously now.

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