The 100 Day Reality Challenge

season 14 day 1 goals and intentions + journal

hey everyone! back for another go!

this season will last through the summer here, and so I've made a decidedly spiritually focused set of goals and intentions for the next 100 days :)

1. daily practice of my doshic ayurveda diet + lifestyle
2. daily journal + write your future - be open to and write personal messages from the universe
3. daily practice of affirmations, positive self-talk
4. get a gym membership w. sauna + jacuzzi + workout 5x / week
5. go to the ocean 10x - to focus energies, get to the beach, read, get with nature, go swimming, be in the ocean, look at the ocean, etc.
6. appreciate nature 10x
7. experience + appreciate the beauty of the planet 10x
8. seek peace + quiet away from people + distractions 10x
9. get in the swimming pool 10x
10. take long showers / sauna 10x

11. general practice + study of magnetism
12. general practice + study law of attraction; add a practice from Ask and It Is Given as well as The Secret.
13. general practice + study holistic health
14. general practice + study Live Like a Millionaire
15. take a long walk 1x, write whatever is revealed in my journal
16. consider taking ayurveda classes and / or attending religious services
17. consider studying The Science of Mind
18. meditate if I have a problem + ask for answers to my questions

yup, I'm excited to start today! I realized that I also have another set of goals for my next season that I will to start for September, so I might as well just set these intentions today anyways so it'll all line up! for today, I focused on getting a lot of rest, this last week has been very chaotic since returning from florida and being back in city life. it has been really important, and obvious that I needed it, to sleep in very late today on my day off from work. I spent the day focusing on the goals I wanted to set for this year, as you can see, some of them are daily goals, some are weekly, and then some are general or individual goals. I'm not going to be super rigorous about most of them, except the daily ones. the other ones are more like guidelines of things I think would be fun to do during this period of time. so far today, I was able to do goals 1 - 3 successfully. when I was on vacation, I did an ayurvedic consultation for myself, and I felt amazing doing this, so I want to keep up my new healthy lifestyle, which I practiced today. for goal 2, I'm journaling here. I made a list today of various things that I need to acquire to help me accomplish my goals, so I'll probably go tomorrow after work / dinner to pick up a new journal and other various things. I've been practicing affirmations every morning, and I love how it makes life feel.

alright, excited to be back at it and to share with you!

much love

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Comment by Kevin on June 4, 2015 at 6:18pm

thanks!!! sounds good!!!

Comment by Heather Marie on May 28, 2015 at 12:41am
Awesome I love how specific you are enjoy your journey!
Comment by Steffie Kay on May 25, 2015 at 8:08pm

YES!! AFFIRM THE POSITVE and this is all yours in a flash :)   Cant wait to hear more !


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