The 100 Day Reality Challenge

hey everyone! wow, it's been quite a whirlwind this season already. I received a job interview which I am thankful for, although it didn't work out / didn't feel right at all! hahaha.. my daily goals have actually been very challenging to accomplish for me for some reason. It's a lot easier to do them on my days off from work, but I've been finding it's more challenging to do the journal writing every day, and I've done about 2 entries thus far. which I'm still happy about the fact that I'm doing them. I bought a couple books to write in that I love. and I'm studying the I Ching again and am really in love with it. not so much the divination practice, but just the general wisdom in the book, it's pretty marvelous. So I've been writing a bit about my connection to what I'm reading. I'm re-writing a book by Shinn so that it fits my belief system better, so that's fun :) and my ayurveda practice just got enhanced today because I just bought a full-year gym membership wahoo! and it has a sauna and a jacuzzi which I will be using as much as possible! stoked, totally luxurious, I'm very lucky! walking on the tour of it today was surreal in a way, it's a huge gym! and I immediately fell in love with the jacuzzi / steam room / sauna. i'm stoked, I can already see my mornings getting to be reallllll nice! haha. after that, I went on a walk through the sculpture park and contemplated looking out on to the river. it felt so nice to get re-in touch with the birds, and the water, and the trees, and the dogs! haha. now I'm making some vegan pizzas and waiting to hear about playing drums tonight with some people. I am very grateful! so now I can say that my goals are "in progress" and that I know I'm doing my best, and it's all good! getting in touch with the creative universe. much love!

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