The 100 Day Reality Challenge

1. Write Everyday, keep a good log of how I am progressing

-Stopped doing this, I must do this again
2. Complete my 1 year of intensive Shamanism study. Shamanism is my passion, and I feel most myself as I explore it. My spirit is growing and it needs to be fed.

-Completion, success
3. Review my original goals constantly- Don't forget how you started

-I stopped doing this as well
4. For 30 seconds each day, imagine myself manifested into something that makes my heart race, something that makes it scary because it feels so me.

-I stopped doing this

I admit, by not following all my goals, I became depressed and lost touch with my source. My coming season I plan to come back to it.

Now for my future:

I was snowed in from the blizzard. Over two feet of snow, and no way to get my car out. Even if I did, the roads were too messy to drive in. So I learned about the basics of needign survival. I ended up walking in the snow to get gas for the snow mobile. It was not good enoguh for the snow blower to get the dcompacted snow at the end of the driverway, piled high. I had to shovel this manually. Food was running out, I HAD to complete this to survive. I pushed thorugh and made it happen. Now, I need more of an income to do better in life. For my job, I am about to take on a long term Android project. I decided I wanted to get into programming Android and perhaps even program my own game. I am goign to take this to another level. I want to, long term/near term, make my own game on my own time for my own profit. I will make this happen, one step at a time. It is a passion, and it can bring me wealth. 

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