The 100 Day Reality Challenge

1. Become an Expert Android Programmer - I would say I have been fairly successful at this and have become very comfortable programming for Android

2. Make my first playable game- Yes I sort of have  aplayable game. I have it uploaded here for now, never finished it enough to get published though

3. Write daily - I  couldn't keep up , i sort of stopped but i want ot do this again. 

4. Exercise work days - Nope didn't happen at all =(

What did happen this season though is I found out something really big about myself that explains how my mind is different from everyone else's as well as some os the strange things I didn't understand about myself growing up. I am investigating this more and will be learning how to cope with life better. I have been going through some depression facing up to some of my missed opportunities and miscommunications, but I think overall this has been a good experience for me. I also became A LOT more social. I realized I had some severe social anxiety, and I faced up to it. Now I am involved with a local Meetup community, and it's going so well they made me an official co-organizer! So I look forward to this next season.

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