The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 16 Day 13 ~ Better late than never...

To no prevail I have not been on track with this Season with staying up-to-date on the site, but its crazy how I am focused on quitting smoking. Been using cinnamon sticks and reading a book Easy Way to Stop Smoking, Eating healthier is now on the plan with hubby's intestinal surgery, Ventured into the Thai and more Asian dishes as my trying new cultural foods, learning more about gardening along with some simple mistakes lol. 

Hubby's surgery is teaching him how to use his body all over again. Breathing techniques have been a daily activity when it comes to pain and helping his intestines and organs to get flowing, energy, and heal properly. He has also decided that eliminating the process junk out of our diets will be a better lifestyle for us! Sucks that a surgery had to open his eyes, but I know everything happens for a reason.

Hubby being on disability from now on may be a possibility. He doesn't hope so, but then again its been something that's been hanging in the air for years... from when he was born! I'm currently getting a job, if he's staying home then its my turn to get out of the house even if its a few hours a few times a week. I need some sanity from him and the kids. This is me valuing myself and allowing myself to get some me time. 

My business (blog and scentsy) is still flowing, not rising, but its not stagnant either. Can't complain as long as there is movement. Focusing on the positive instead of the problem gives me the energy to be grateful. Getting a pt job will allow me to help contribute to not just my home, but also the business. I also got some tips from a fellow consultant on how to get more parties and customers. :) Excited to give them a try and keep pushing. 

Prayers for a fast healing, all the healing energy we can get is superb! Fingers cross hubby is approved for short-term disability, so that this healing process is a smooth one. Abundance is limitless and I'm tapping into the energy to allow the Universe to provide all that we need when we need it! 

How is your Season going so far? Any other suggestions on how to quit smoking? 

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