The 100 Day Reality Challenge

  1. Make it a plan to cook every meal everyday, going out to eat will be a rare occasion and a treate 
    This was a failure completely

  2. Write everyday, this has to be done to keep myself in check 
    I didn't keep up with this

  3. Find out strategies to deal with my mental quirks 
    I sort of fund out about this

  4. Limit WoW to occasional RP and just the Normal/Flex Mode raids 
    Still did too much I think.

  5. Attend and create more social events 
    Yes I did more social events and have been moving up in that social circle.

  6. Create another game and publish it- Perhaps learn a new software language or   game engine like Unity 
    Didn't happen

  7. Practice vector artwork- Make more custom ponies of my own liking 
    Didn't happen

  8. Organize my home into a place of class 
    Didn't do this

  9. Always dress and look my best 
    Hardly did this either

  10. Workout as much as possible, get into good physical shape 
    Never started this

  11. Revisit CCOR daily and blog
    Did some blogging but not daily

Alright so this reason I failed, and I admittedly had a lot of problems. My biggest success was sort of improving my social gatherings, but I fell into a heavy downturn. I am now in process of getting myself up. 

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Comment by Etta on December 21, 2013 at 1:39am

You can do this, I'm 100% certain of it. It can be difficult to attend to our own spiritual needs when we're so busy fulfilling other duties like work, school, family, etc. It's definitely not failure; we only fail when we admit defeat, and you seem far from it. Here's wishing you good vibrations and peace for your next season and the coming year. I have faith in you. :)

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