The 100 Day Reality Challenge

WOOT! It's day 1 of my Season 17 and I've never been more excited to start a journey, but also curious as the month is the Mercury Retrograde. I'm not going to allow myself to let this retrograde affect me or my family. Refinement of thought and action along with the power of self-control are some of the things I hope to work on. Along with my talents of sales and writing. My focus can be all over the place and now I'm understanding that its hard to focus on what the tasks is at hand with so many thoughts running through my head especially if I DON'T meditate, do yoga, or any spiritual rituals that bring me peace, joy, and contentment. 

Definitely working on my health and physical needs this month. I'm excited to be apart of my first 5K! I'm going to be working up to it which is at the end of the month. With daily exercise, cutting out sugars (failed today), carbs (especially bread and I failed today), and all junk food and fast food. I want to cook every day this month for all meals and snacks. I'm going to put my make ahead cooking skills to the work with prepping and freezing meals and snacks. Refining my body temple and providing it with the materials I need to heal and thrive, sunshine, fresh air, and plenty of movement. I love nature so more fresh air and sunshine is very soothing to my soul. 

I don't like dealing with challenges, but its important to be prepared for it. I'm not working anymore as the job was temporary and I'm not looking for another. I do tend to spend a lot of time and energy being so worried or worked up about what 'might' happen that I end up robbing myself of a peace of mind and the everyday joys of life. No more of that, I'm staying optimistic and positive about finding different sources to pay my bills including Scentsy. I also have updated my blog with new name and I managed to figure out the whole hosting and domain thing. Beautiful Inspiring Goddess is about everything in my life. It was about just reviews and giveaways, but now I'm going to start sharing things that happens in my daily life including my spirituality and relationships.

I must go back to the basics when I first learned to change your thoughts, you change your life by Wayne Dyer. I loved this book and I must weed out negative thoughts and worries and create a space for creative solutions to come through. I'm learning to be more sensitive to the needs of others and not just my own. 

Usually during the retrograde I have problems with expressing my frustration, anger or power struggles with people or situations in my life. I'm trying to get rid of old patterns of behavior. I need to release the old way of thinking and habits. The emotional blockages that is keeping me from my healthy modes of expression and relating. 

Instead of projecting my own shadows and inner conflicts onto the people or situations in my life I am challenging myself to bring my own shadows into the light of conscious awareness and realization, to acknowledge, heal, release, and positively redirect and integrate these energies. I'm trying to see this as a Golden opportunity to understand and create a healthier relationship and integration between my will power and the 'drive that drives me.'


Currently Reading: Creating on Purpose by Anodea Judith 

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