The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Got a job! WOOT! 

It's full time with overtime allowed. I package wall decals which I didn't even know that company existed in this town. lol It's a temp job, but there's an opportunity to get hired through the company. Having a job now takes off a lot of weight on my shoulders and not having to worry about where the rent or bill money is going to come. I like my job, its fast pace so my days go by fast. 

Decided to start my new Season 17 on October 1st which gives me enough time to adjust to the new work schedule (I wake up at 2:45am!) and see how I can work new habits like exercising, cooking, reading, etc. 

My main goal for this season is to get my permit and put the car in the shop so it can get fixed so when Income Tax time comes we can trade/sell it for a mini van. Hubby has been talking about baby #5 and I feel as though we need to get rid of our four door car and get a mini van... Don't think we will be trying for baby #5 as I would like to celebrate new years and my bday. Plus I don't want another July baby. lol 

My other goal is to get my promotion to Certified Consultant for Scentsy. I want to get my first home party within my Season 17. This Season is all about manifesting experiences and blessings. Good or Bad. 

Season 17 Goals & Intentions

❤Driver's License
~Put Car in Shop to Get Fix
~Physical Form Signed
~Permit Test
~Driving Test
~Shine Sink
~Creating New Habits
❤Love My Body
~Healthy Diet of Whole Foods
~Green Smoothies, Salads, and Fruits
❤Love My Mind
~Daily Meditation
~Change Your Thoughts to Positive. You Control You.
❤Love My Soul
~Daily Journaling/Vlogging
~Be Authentic Self
~Honesty & Humility
❤Get Promotion to Scentsy Certified Independent Consultant
~Nearly $320 Away!
❤Its okay to be a little selfish and say no
❤Daily reading of any book on hand.
~Spiritual Healing
~Creative Exercises for meditation, chakras, and manifestation (Law of Attraction)
❤Create Daily Intentions

Happy Fall! 

We have been actively working and expressing…putting ourselves and our ideas out into the world, growing and changing. Now is the time to pause, go within, and take stock of how far we have come.

Our inner work, our growth, is our harvest. Time to honor our journey and the rebalancing that has taken place within us. Notice the seeds we planted and how they have blossomed thus far. Let’s open our hearts in gratitude~~~

Where I am now, I am all grateful and happy to have found Scentsy and how it has become a solid foundation for my business. I am grateful and happy that everything around me is full of love and inspiration. My family and the foundations that is being rebuilt as we learn and grow with each other and about each other. That I no longer hold expectations from anything or anyone. I allow the Universe to do its bidding and gives me my experiences and blessings. 

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Comment by Thx 4 ur support in my journies! on September 22, 2013 at 6:47pm

Good luck on your 17th(!) season! If you are on your 17th, you sure are goal-oriented and know how to make them happen. Have fun achieving them!


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