The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today was the start of a very promising 100 days. I felt engaged with my purpose of today. Filling out these job applications felt no more like a task but an investment into my corporate and rich future! I saw nothing but success written all over it. Ideas were flowing out of me like never before. I felt confident as ever and I am damn right sure that when those legal recruiters see my application, they are are to say YES - next stage!

I further completed my studying for today with regards to property law and business law. I am so grateful for the smooth flow through property, but I am ever so grateful for the challenging aspect of business law. Insolvencies really did test my ability to deal with difficult situations with ease, but I faced it and I am on the verge of understanding it 100%. 

Thank you world for showing me this trail of positivity towards my ultimate desire of attaining that amazing corporate job!

God bless 

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