The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Starting an all new season! YEAH!!! :)

The first was such a powerful experience, where I gained control and began to understand the Universal Laws. My Season 2 is all about harnessing my personal power and really manifesting great change!!

Since I ended my Season 1 last January, I moved to New Jersey and commute to work in NYC. I have a great job at an art supply company, with lots of freedom and cool perks. I have a boss who is impressed with me, co-workers who cooperate and respect me, and lots of contacts who have influence in the local art scene.

I have a wonderful boyfriend, CJ, who treats me like the fairy princess I am! He takes me out for nice dinners, listens to me talk about my day, tells me I'm beautiful, and never keeps me waiting. He's handsome, charming, financially stable, totally fun and we're a perfect match -- things are never boring and I even appreciate the challenges in our relationship. I'm looking so very forward to creating things together, and learning through this relationship how to relinquish control and expectation and give in to having FUN!

I am making enough money to do the things I want to do, with the promise of more on the horizon. A big part of what I want to do with my Season 2 is manifest more. I'm working on appreciating what I have more, and changing my attitude about money so that it's not reflecting what I don't have. I've lived for a long time with this stigma that people with money are spoiled, that money is kind of evil and excess makes you a bad person, and that there's some kind of a curse around me that keeps me from having enough -- I was raised with the mindset that "money doesn't grow on trees" and you have to work your ass off for everything you get, and it'll still never be enough. Now I know better -- I know that THERE IS NOTHING I CANNOT BE, DO or HAVE and that includes GOBS of money to make all of my wildest dreams come true. I want a swanky Manhattan penthouse with a doorman and weird furniture... an expansive view... ridiculous extras like heated towel racks and lion statues modeled after the ones at the NYPL -- more on that here:

I want to start living and creating as a professional artist. It's time to see what the gifts I've been given can do. God gave me talents that seem to be boundless, and the things I can do with a pencil even impress the crap out of me sometimes. I saw a film recently that pulled all of my previous artistic interests and perspectives into a crisp, clear idea... but I haven't yet put that idea into words and figured out what I'm meant to do with it. I'm starting a printmaking class this fall, and I know that an abundance of opportunities -- ones that I cannot yet even imagine -- are coming my way! What will I be doing with them in 100 days?

And last but most certainly not least -- Body Image, health and fitness. Anorexia and Bulimia are like the friends who stay way too long at a party, and when they finally do leave you spend forever cleaning up after them. I still go back and forth between healthy attitudes and starvation and overindulgence. I don't hate my body anymore, I love it and I want to approach my fitness from a healthy, loving mindset. No more waging war on fat! Instead, I want to learn to love the muscles, bones, tissues, curves, and every little feature I have. So my boyfriend introduced me to an infomercial program called P90X -- it's an intense training program that takes the form of a 90-day home workout boot camp. He's been doing it for quite awhile, and he's offered to help me get started. This way we can keep each other motivated, follow the meal plans, and track our progress together. What a cool way to get healthy and bond with my honey!

So -- Money Rampage starts today. Workout starts tomorrow. Art career has been in the making for 28 years... but is now in overdrive mode. I cannot WAIT for the huge changes this season will bring!!!

All love and blessings <3

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