The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This season has such a happy ending and I amazed when I look back over the past 100 days. It didn't proceed at all as I had imagined, but the moment that I surrendered myself to the process, was the point things unfolded miraculously. I have a new and better home. It's a home of my own and exactly suits my needs from the size of the space to having secure mail and the same outstanding mail lady.

My Etsy shops rebounded well. Not exactly in time for the Sparkle Season, but right now they are performing better than ever. That's fine that I had a quiet holiday season because my moving took longer than expected. And. Because of all of the problems created by the move, my former landlord decided to be even more generous in settling my severance from my job/home.

My decluttering got done in a more spectacular way than I had imagined. I donated, gave away, or trashed more than 50% of my stuff on the way down the street to my new home. I still have decluttering of small things to do. Some items will end up in my Etsy shop and other things will be saved for my neighborhood yard sale in June. I feel like a whole new person without all of that baggage, which brings me to my next point. I decided to go back to school.

I discovered that Southern New Hampshire University has an online degree program for a B. A. in Psychology with a concentration in Social Psychology which is exactly the degree I want. I want to fine tune that even more with a minor, but that will unfold at the beginning of the next season. With my financial aid and my Etsy shop income, I can live even more comfortably this winter than I had imagined doing living down the street trading housework for free rent and utilities. So. Yes. This was all a spectacular success and I ended up in a much better place with a much better situation. I'll be back tomorrow with my plans for Season 3.

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Comment by NATURE LOVER on January 7, 2015 at 10:49pm

That's a good inspiring story !   

Just continue downstream with this great energy of prosperity !

Have a nice day !  


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